Pornstar Martini How To Drink (May 2024)

Pornstar Martini How To Drink

Suppose you go outside and you are feeling great. In order to match your excitement, you want a cocktail, and this pornstar martini fits perfectly. Since it arrived in the world of cocktails, it has been very famous. Do you remember what it looks like? The floating piece of fruit & the sidecar shot define its appearance. Let’s know about pornstar martini and how to drink it.

What do you know about a Pornstar Martini?

What do you know about a Pornstar Martini

It is a tangy & sweet cocktail using vodka in its recipe. This item is prepared depending on vanilla & passion fruit. In this mix, a person can get the vanilla sweetness because of the mix of vanilla-flavored vodka & vodka syrup. Along with this, the passion fruit, floating as a garnish on the top of the cocktail, offers a twist from the combination of fruit liquor & pure.

Who Invented it, and Why is it Called that?

Bartender Douglas Ankrah made the cocktail at the beginning of the 2000s. In this mix, the bartender mixes three flavors — vodka, Prosecco, & passionfruit. According to the inventor, the martini was bold.

At first, the drink was named ‘Maverick’ by Ankrah. But later, it was renamed as fruity Martini, which a bartender usually serves with a shot.

He called the drink ‘Pornstar Martini,’ and the reason behind this is that the drink appears to him like something which a pornstar would order. While a few people believe, a few may not, but it is true that the drink comes with a star appeal. We can say this is one of the best cocktails on the list.

How to Drink Pornstar Martini

How to Drink Pornstar Martini

  • You first need to drink Prosecco as a shot before drinking a martini.
  • You can also drink it after a martini.
  • Then, alongside the drink, you are required to sip it.
  • After pouring it into the martini, you have to drink this all together.
  • At last, you need to sip it. Finally, you can enjoy the drink.

Ingredients Used in the Drink

These are the following ingredients that are required in the recipe to prepare the cocktail.

  • 50ml or 1.5 oz Vanilla Vodka (like Absolut)
  • 20 ml or 3/4 oz Passion Fruit Liquor ( like Passoã)
  • 20 ml or 3/4 oz Vanilla Syrup
  • 30 ml or 1 oz Passion Fruit Puree
  • 15ml or half oz Freshly Squeezed Lime
  • Passion Fruit Slice
  • Brut Prosecco

How to Make a Pornstar Martini?

How to Make a Pornstar Martini

Except for Prosecco, you have to mix every ingredient with ice in a cocktail shaker. After that, you have to serve the drink in a specific martini glass containing a slice of passionfruit floating on top. If you want, it is possible to serve the drink with a shot glass of Prosecco on the side.

How can you really Drink a Pornstar Martini?

You might think of going to Ankrah, the cocktail creator, to find out how to drink this cocktail in the proper way. However, several conflicting reports make people confused even more. So, in order to get the correct answer, you can use your professional knowledge or ask a bartender. The answer is that sipping Prosecco first is the best way of drinking this cocktail. After sipping this, you can drink the martini.

Why is Sipping Prosecco First the ‘Right’ Way?

It is because Prosecco is the drink’s most delicate part. When you roll the fruit acids along with the martini’s sugars over your tongue, you will feel your taste buds coated. Then, you do not see flavors from the Prosecco. And the same thing happens when you sip Prosecco with the martini. So, it can be concluded that it is the second-best process of drinking a Pornstar martini.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many Calories in a Pornstar Martini?

This dry drink contains 216 calories in one serving.

2. Why is it called Pornstar Martini?

The reason behind this is that the drink appears to be something that a pornstar would order.

3. Who are Popular Pornstar Martini Drinkers?

Names of the popular drinkers are:- Kingsley Amis, Humphrey Bogart, W.C. Fields, and so on.


This article informs you about Pornstar Martini, its ingredients, and how you can drink it. Besides we have also shown you how to make this cocktail.


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