TI Full Form In Police (May 2024)

Do you know what TI is? What is its full form when it comes to talking about police? What are their responsibilities as a TI? This article informs every detail that is necessary for TI. While you can learn about the payment scale, you can also learn how to be a TI. Let’s go through it in detail.

What is the Full Form of TI in Police?

Traffic inspector is the full form of TI in Police. It indicates those people appointed by a City Council or the Transportation Department. In their department, the name of the title justifies the position and responsibilities of the employees.

Why are They Called Traffic Inspectors?

Why are They Called Traffic Inspectors

They are called TIs because they control traffic on the roads and inspect within the police department.

Traffic inspectors need to make sure that each driver follows the traffic guidelines. In order to avoid accidents on the road, they play a crucial role. Remember that violations should not occur on any property of the police department. They are authorized to issue citations also.

Duties of a Traffic Inspector

Duties of a Traffic Inspector

Below are the responsibilities of a TI:

  • They need to maintain traffic police orders to prevent collisions of vehicles.
  • It is important to patrol regularly to make sure that traffic regulation is compliant.
  • Collecting accident & incident data and then reporting drafting.
  • TIs are also responsible for helping passengers & drivers.
  • These inspectors give legal testimony.

Payment Scale of TIs

  • The salary of every Traffic inspector, on average, is from 2.4 lakh rupees to 16 lakh rupees per year.
  • Based on every month, each TI earns from 9,300 to 34,800 INR. And the amount is variable because it depends on every inspector’s qualifications & experience.

How to Become a Traffic Inspector?

Several people want to be traffic inspectors after completing careers in statistics, engineering & other fields. If you want to be a TI, you need to know traffic laws. Whenever someone wants to get this position in the police department, they should pass some tests to get certified by the state. Additionally, having strong analytical skills is necessary. A TI must be efficient and able to work quickly.

Not only this, a TI should be physically active. They need to walk fast and stand for many hours.

Below are some requirements you have to pass to become a Traffic inspector.

  • You have to be a 12th Standard pass.
  • Your age should be between 18-27 years.
  • The required height for males is 172 cm, whereas for females is 160 cm.
  • Your chest size should be 81 cm.

After completing all the above requirements, you also have to pass a rigorous exam which ensures that a particular candidate is trustworthy & qualified. While the exam is long, it includes accident investigation, traffic laws, motor vehicle operation, etc.

After completion of the test, a medical checkup is held. Remember that authorities never trust someone’s capability except for a medical test. So, a sound health is essential.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Full Form of TI in the Railway?

It stands for Traffic Inspector.

2. What is the Age Limit of a TI?

If you want to be a traffic inspector, you need to be between 18 to 27 years old.

3. How Much Does a Traffic Inspector Earn Monthly?

A traffic inspector earns around 9300 to 34,800 INR, depending on the qualifications and experience.


Now you know what TI is. In simple words, TI, one of the positions in the police department, is responsible for overseeing highway traffic. In order to keep every driver using the highway safe, they are allotted these duties. Besides you can learn about their duties, payment details, and other information in the article above.


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