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Kevin O’Leary Net Worth (September 2023)

Kevin O'Leary's Net Worth

He is a savvy investor and an opinionated celebrity entrepreneur. What made him popular was his abrasive personality with the business tycoons on the popular show Shark Tank. He has been in the public eye since the time he appeared in Dragon’s Den in 2006 before becoming a shark at Shark Tank. Let’s get to know more about Kevin O’Leary’s net worth.

Who is Kevin O’Leary?

Who is Kevin O'Leary?

Full Name  Terence Thomas Kevin O’Leary
Professional Name  Kevin O’Leary
Date of Birth   09-Jul-54
Birthplace  Montreal, Canada
Age  69 years
Nationality  Canadian
Ethnicity  Lebanese
Gender  Male
Sexuality  Straight
Religion  Jewish
Zodiac Sign  Cancer
Marital Status  Married
Spouse  Linda O’Leary
Height  5 Feet 8 inches
Weight  75 Kg
Professions  Businessman, Investor, Journalist, Tv personality
Net Worth  $400 million

Kevin O’Leary is a multi-millionaire and a self-described “Mr. Wonderful”. The Canadian financial advisor, author, businessman, and politician is known for his appearance on ABC’s hit TV show, Shark Tank. Kevin is also the proud founder of the software company SoftKey International.

He originally belongs to Montreal, Canada. His entrepreneurial intelligence is influenced by his Lebanese mother, Georgette being a business executive and a talented investor. He pursued a Bachelor’s in environmental science, followed by an MBA in entrepreneurship.

Kevin is married to Linda and has two offspring from her. His independent production house featured shows such as “The Original Six”, “Bobby Orr, the Hockey Legends,” and “Don Cherry’s Grapevine”.

What is Kevin O'Leary's net worth?

What is Kevin O’Leary’s net worth?

After Mark Cuban, he is the second wealthiest member of the Shark Tank panel, acquiring a net worth of $400 million in 2023. The famous venture capitalist has grown his net worth starting from nothing. In the name of assets, he owns some ETFs, startups, crypto, gold, cars, real estate, and collectibles.

His entrepreneurial fame is mostly because of his co-founding business SoftKey, which he sold at the age of 45 to become a multi-millionaire overnight. Later, SoftKey became The Learning Company.

Kevin O’Leary Money Metrics

Earning Per Year $19,320,000
Earning Per Week $371,567
Earning Per Day $53,081
Earning Per Hour $2,211
Earning Per Minute $36.86
Earning Per Second $0.64


Beginning Days of Career

Kevin O’Leary worked for a feline food product company at the beginning of his career when he was interning. Here he earned some respectable skills.

TLC was Kevin’s one of the first companies, which he sold at $4 billion to Mattel. In the early days of his career, he founded Special Event Television (SET) with a bunch of filmography enthusiasts, whose stocks he sold to re-invest in a software company SoftKey, which he started with another business friend of his from SET.

In Shark Tank, the powerful presence of this Business mogul made him a common talk. There he expanded his portfolio by investing in a vast number of ambitious businesses such as Plated and Groovebook.

Some of his famous enterprises include O’Leary Fine Wines and Books, investments, StorageNow Holdings, O’Leary Ventures, O’Leary Funds Management, and O’Shares ETF.


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Later Half

In the established phase of his career, he started a firm worth $25,000 of investment, selling his SET shares and $10,000 from his mother’s help. This firm was into producing CD-ROMs for PCs and Macs.

His books have some straight-up golden financial advice, like his book Cold Hard Truth On Men, Women, and Money, which offers his insight into life and money in general. He gives some advice to the parents who are lacking in parenting somewhere and explains the pillars of the same. In total, he invested $8.5 million across 40 Shark Tank deals.

Awards and Nominations

In 2020, Kevin was nominated for the Emmy Outstanding Structured Reality Program award and Emmy Outstanding Host for a Reality or Reality-Competition Program. A year later, he was again nominated for an Emmy in the same categories for his charismatic presence as host of ABC’s Shark Tank. Again, the circle repeated for 2022, and now he has a total of seven Emmy nominations.

Kevin O’leary’s Investments

Kevin is a risk-taking investor as he claims you are better off keeping your money in index funds even in a volatile market than in a low-interest savings account. Kevin holds investments in a total of thirty private venture companies.

Also, Kevin finds himself a cryptocurrency skeptic. He rather has a diverse and cautious portfolio of assets. He is also into exclusive wines and owns some vacation houses in locations like the United States and the state of Florida. His real estate holding of a penthouse in Toronto is estimated at $4 million. Not an investment but more of a luxury is his rare collection of timepieces, being the hard-core watch collector he is.

To much extent, he borrowed his investment style from his mother, who used to keep 20% of her paycheck aside for investing in Telco stocks and large-cap stocks.

Kevin’s Shark Tank Investment Track Record

Companies Investments Stack Acquired
Honeyfund $400,000 10%
Lovepop $300,000 15%
GreenBox $300,000 10%
GeekMyTree $225,000 50%
Boo Boo Goo $100,000 25%
Wicked Good Cupcakes $75,000 0%
Paper Box Pilots $35,000 50%
Drive Suits $150,000 30%
Talbott Teas $250,000 35%
Zipz $2,500,000 10%
How Do You Roll? $1,000,000 20%
Paparazzi Proposals $25,000 17%
Toygaroo $100,000 20%
The SBU Unicycle $150,000 17%

Kevin O’leary’s Philanthropy Works

He was questioned to be an anti-philanthropist, but he puts it across like he would like his share of money divided as a venture capitalist from the company he puts money into or rather being a part of a charity indirectly. As a shareholder, the power to deploy his profit should be in his hands.

To empower youth entrepreneurship, he runs O’Leary Foundation, where education, direction, and support are provided to young entrepreneurs. Kevin has also donated money from his photography works. Through his public speaking, he has presented some great advice for free to the mass interested in entrepreneurship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1. Was Kevin O’Leary Born Poor?

No, he was born into a family of rich business persons.

Q.2. Why Is Kevin O’Leary Called “Mr. Wonderful”?

One of his investors, Barbara Corcoran, called him on Shark Tank “Mr. Wonderful”, which eventually became his nickname.

Q.3. How Many Times Did Kevin Appear on Shark Tank?

He appeared on the Canadian version from 2005-2009 and the American version from 2009 until 2014. He has been on the air for 10 seasons.

Q.4.How much has Kevin made on Shark Tank?

He made around $720,000 from Shark Tank.

Q.5.How Tall is Kevin O’Leary?

Kevin is 5 Feet 8 inches tall.

Wrapping Up

The celebrity we got to know here is hardly a stranger to the spotlight. Kevin O’Leary, with his financial opinions, made and is still making some great amounts. He has several books published under his name as well. His philosophy of life can be concluded in his words, “Life is hard; money doesn’t care, and your tears don’t add value.”



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